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The Texas Cactus Council had a great meeting in Alice , Texas , in April 2007.

The program was presented by John McAnear, from Freer, Texas . John spoke on their recent trip to Israel . He brought many interesting pictures and information about the country they visited. Many fascinating things about the Holy Land, the lush and dry areas, the farming, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee were discussed. John and his wife Mary are long-time members of the council. John encouraged the members of the council to try and visit Israel . Thanks, John, for the program.

Meeting in San Diego , Texas , in May, 2007

We had a great . Rob Maier presented the program - - making jelly that has no sugar. The recipe that Rob & Agnes developed is listed on the TCC web pages. /tunajelly.php. The recipe originated from wanting to make sugar-free jelly.  I knew that psyllium was recommended for a high-fiber diet, and that it would make a liquid very thick in a short time.  I tried it with Tuna juice and it made a nice jelly.

Note:  "Yerba Buena" brand Psyllium Husks is sold at Sun Harvest and H.E.B. for about $8 for 12 oz (68 tablespoons).  For additional flavor Agnes likes to add a little lemon juice.  Frozen grape concentrate would be a good sweetener (but has a high sugar content).  Artificial sweetener works and avoids sugar completely.  Also, you can add just about anything (fresh fruit, fruit juice, jalapeno, nopalitos, etc). Just add more psyllium if the mixture gets too watery.  For experimenting cut the recipe in half.

Thank you, Rob & Agnes, for your contribution to the Texas Cactus Council and to the many people who will benefit from your findings. The recipe can be used with any other juices (i.e. unsweetened pineapple juice). I'm sure our readers will develop their own recipes. Hopefully they will share them with us. Use your favorite sweetener (Splenda, Equal, etc, etc) with your recipes. While we know there is no cure yet for diabetes , we now know that we can enjoy goodies without sugar!!

 Our goal will continue to be to find healthy avenues for all. We've already learned that blending a spineless cactus pad with 10 12 ounces of orange juice every day will help us control our sugar. One of our long-time members of the council, Gilbert Hinojosa, tells us that eating helps control discomforts of arthritis. Others swear that cactus consumption helps in fighting obesity. Epitacio Rivera from Corpus Christi, Texas, is also a great believer in the benefits of consuming cactus.

 We will keep everyone posted on any other beneficial information we might find.